When Should You Get a Second Opinion On an Insurance Claim

If you feel your insurer has underestimated your claims, or you discover additional damage during repairs, you can get a second opinion on your insurance claim. Consider a trustworthy and reliable public adjuster in Doylestown, PA, like PB Adjusting for a second opinion on an insurance claim. 

Why You Should Get a Second Opinion On an Insurance Claim

Once you file your insurance claim, your insurance company will send an insurance adjuster to manage and evaluate your claim on their behalf. Unfortunately, it’s common for the insurance adjuster to work in favor of the insurer—their employer—and not you. Without your best interest at the forefront, they often do not grant you any benefit of the doubt should you disagree with their assessment.

A public adjuster in Doylestown PA can give you a second opinion so you know you’re getting what you deserve. Both insurance and public adjusters specialize in insurance claims but differ in their services. While public adjusters work with your best interests at heart, insurance adjusters work for the interests of your insurance company.

How to Choose an Insurance Adjuster

Before you get a public adjuster, there are some things you need to consider. First, quality credentials are vital requirements. You must choose public adjusters who have licenses to practice in your state–just like any other professional. Public adjusters are required to undertake continuing education courses to maintain their certifications. 

Also, work with experienced public adjusters. You can ask for references and speak with clients who have had similar claims as you. If a public adjuster asks you to sign a contract before you feel confident in them, keep looking for other options, 

Lastly, a quality adjuster will not make any promises before speaking with you, observing your losses, and reviewing your records. Be sure they carefully review your insurance policy before making any offers. 

Get Professionals Public Adjusters

Instead of settling too fast on what your insurance company offers, request a second opinion. Contact the best public adjuster in Doylestown, PA, PB Adjusting, to protect you from insurance companies’ fine print and games.

We will review your insurance policies and inform you of unusual conditions and terms. With this, you will be better prepared for the future.

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