The Insurance Company Did Not Pay Enough, How Can I Afford The Rest Of The Bill?

The Insurance Company Did Not Pay Enough, How Can I Afford The Rest Of The Bill?

If you have insurance, you probably know just how complicated it can be and even more difficult to understand. Many people would prefer to go to the doctor’s office, have insurance take care of their payments in the backend, and never have to worry about a bill again. Unfortunately, insurance doesn’t always cover everything. You may be wondering what happens next if you are stuck with a bill that the insurance didn’t cover. Read on to learn more about what you can do and how a public adjuster can help you navigate getting more from insurance.

Things to Do When You Can’t Afford Insurance Bills

If you have already tried various tactics such as appeals and are still such with a medical bill, you can always try to fight your bill or reduce the burden through various tactics.

Negotiate Bills

One option is to negotiate medical bills with your insurance and healthcare providers. You can work with them to negotiate a payment plan that is free of interest, a discount for paying off the balance, or another compromise solution that can help you pay your bills without them being sent to collections. To help you shuffle through this process, you can use tools to help you determine the fair price of various treatments in your area. You can also see if there is any type of financial assistance programs you qualify for.

Public Adjuster

If your insurance bills are not related to medical expenses, and instead maybe property, you can always try to hire a public adjuster. Their job is to evaluate property loss and determine the dollar amount of the payment for a claim. If you want to file a property insurance claim, they can help you determine the severity of your damage and whether an insurance claim should be filed. They will work with you to get more from the insurance if necessary or help you create a financial plan.

Work With Billing Advocate

Another option you have if you are stuck with unexpected insurance bills is to work with a billing advocate who can help you reduce your costs by looking for fraudulent, abusive, and erroneous billing practices. While it may sound strange, industry estimates say approximately 80 percent of insurance bills have errors. Many billing advocates can also negotiate with providers on your behalf.

No matter what you do, always make sure you remain polite but persistent. Always hold on to documentation of your efforts, including the contact info and date of each person you communicate with. Once a bill gets sent over to collections, not only will your credit take a hit, but the bill will also be out of the provider’s hands. This will make it much more difficult for you to negotiate.

If you need a public adjuster in Doylestown, PA, make sure you contact PB Adjusting today. They can help you navigate this process and get more from your insurance company.

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