How We Are Consumer Advocate for Insurance Claims

How We Are Consumer Advocate for Insurance Claims

After the shock of property damage, loss, or theft, the first step in the recovery process is filing a claim with your insurance company. While this may seem like a simple task, the insurance claims process is complicated by design, and many individuals hoping to move past the damage or loss find that the insurance companies are not in a hurry to pay up. At the end of the day, the insurance companies are in the business of making money, and a few of those money-making strategies involve delaying, providing partial payments, or downright denying insurance claims. 

Unfortunately, this can happen even if you are well within your reimbursement rights as defined by your insurance policy. If you need to file a claim, are dealing with an underpayment or denial, or simply want to know if your policy provides sufficient coverage, contact our public adjuster in Doylestown, PA before reaching out to the insurance company alone. Here’s why.

We Keep the Insurance Company Honest

If you have faithfully been paying your home insurance policy, then you deserve to be compensated when an unforeseen accident or burglary compromises the value of your home. Our licensed insurance adjusters personally evaluate the damage, organize and support our findings with evidence, and advocate for your ongoing claim success with professional guidance before, during, and after the submission. With our public adjusters supporting your claim, we hold the insurance companies accountable because we know the laws, we know which supporting documentation is required, and we know how to draft bullet-proof submissions that the insurers are obligated to honor. 

We Help You Receive Fair Value 

Beyond ensuring that your paperwork is filed correctly, another common issue is underpayment based on the insurance company’s appraisal. Without an adjuster on your side, you are at the mercy of their property valuations, and if they can offer you less than your damaged or stolen property was actually worth, they will. We have years of experience assessing the true value of your items and structures and creating organized, itemized, and substantiated claims that proactively protect you from potential underpayments. 

We Communicate With Professionalism

Following the initial claim or appeal process, there may be ongoing negotiations or value adjustments. We actively engage with the insurance companies on your behalf and advocate for your financial wellbeing by doing whatever we guarantee that your rights are being respected throughout the process. By handling the back-and-forth communication with your insurer, we can help you expedite the payment timeline, improve your overall reimbursement amounts, and will keep you clearly informed throughout the entire process. 

Speak With Our Helpful Advocates Today

When you partner with our public adjusters in Bensalem, PA, we never settle for less than you deserve. Whether you need assistance with a policy evaluation, or you require comprehensive claim assistance from start to finish, we never charge a dime until we have successfully recovered a fair reimbursement on your behalf. 

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