How To Get The Most From Your Insurance Company

Fighting an insurance company over a claim that was denied is a difficult proposition without a public adjuster in Chester County, PA. Most insurers hire a team of attorneys or an insurance adjuster to fight these battles. Insurance companies have much higher financial resources than any of their clients who file lawsuits. Whether you win or lose the lawsuit, you must prepare for a very long process.

Importance of Insurance

Insurance exists to protect you and your loved ones in the event of unforeseen circumstances. If you suffer unexpected damage to your home, homeowner’s insurance may compensate you. Or, if you’ve been in a car accident, your insurance may cover damage to your vehicle and medical bills. But what happens if the insurance company denies your insurance claim? What recourse do you have to get the compensation you need? What steps should you take before calling an insurance adjuster?

Step 1

Carefully review the policy contract and the documents that explain why the company denied your claim. If, after review, you feel the company did not do the legal thing right, consider speaking to an insurance adjuster. What is legally correct is different from what is morally correct, but without an insurance adjuster, you risk losing more money if you continue.

Step 2

Gather supporting documentation for your petition. This includes proof of your financial losses, any information that supports your side of the argument, and copies of any evidence of communication between you and the company regarding the matter.

Step 3

Find an insurance adjuster willing to take on the contingency case. If you can’t find an insurance adjuster willing to take your case, this may be another sign of abandoning the effort. It means that none of the ones you spoke to think he can win or even get a favorable settlement.

Step 4

Submit your claim and all documentation. Your insurance adjuster will take care of most of it, but you should be prepared to sign documents and provide copies of various documents.

Step 5

Keep your expectations realistic. The time that the lawsuits and insurance claims last is longer than you initially expected. Trust the process. If it is the case, you must be willing to go to court and attend meetings during office hours.

Step 6

Strongly consider any settlement out of court with the insurance company. Although the amount may be less than you expected, a settlement will be less expensive than the final costs in terms of the time and energy you put into the case.

Hiring An Insurance Adjuster

Your insurance company must provide you with a reason for your denial, but if not, you will need to obtain that information in order to determine whether or not you have a legitimate avenue to challenge the denial and obtain compensation for your losses. However, the ideal solution is to hire a claims adjuster in Delaware County, PA to help you with the process. Contact PB Adjusting today to get the most out of your insurance claim. 

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