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Have you ever had to make an insurance claim in Montgomery County, PA? It can be very stressful, especially if it’s your first time making one. When you made your claim, did the amount you received to cover your damages? In many cases, policyholders don’t receive the amount they were expecting because their insurance company’s claims adjuster gave them a low offer. That’s because insurance adjusters usually work directly for your provider, so they have an incentive to give you the lowest settlement they can. If you want to be sure you’re getting every dollar you’re entitled to in an insurance settlement, you need to hire your public adjuster, one who works only for you and who will always have your best interests in mind.

What can a public adjuster do for you? Read on to find out more about PB Adjusting and all the services we can provide for you in Montgomery County, PA.

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If you have never considered hiring public adjusters before, you should know that doing so can give you the best chance of getting a fair settlement from your insurance company. You wouldn’t defend yourself in court without a lawyer; you should never go up against your provider’s insurance adjuster without speaking to your own claims adjuster first. They will be your best ally, giving your recommendations and advice throughout the claims process so you never get taken advantage of. Insurance adjusters may seem like they want to help you, but in reality, they are just looking out for their employers’ bottom line. You owe it to yourself to get informed about the claims process and hire your adjuster today!

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    At PB Adjusting, we can assist you through the claims process from start to finish. If you’re currently making a claim, our public adjusters can review the work done by your insurance company’s claims adjuster and make sure you’re getting a fair offer. If you have a claim you made in the past that didn’t pay off quite as well as you thought it would, our insurance adjusters can review it and look for any errors. This could mean you get a better settlement than you did in the past! Our public adjusters can even look over your current insurance policies to make sure they provide adequate coverage. Don’t wait until disaster strikes to find out what’s in your insurance policies; call PB Adjusting for a review by a public adjuster in Montgomery County, PA today.

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    The team at PB Adjusting has been providing their services as public adjusters for more than 30 years. During that time, they have earned the trust of their clients in Montgomery County, PA, and nearby areas. If you are looking for public adjusters in Chester County, PA, get in touch with us any time for your initial consultation, which will be provided free of charge. Our goal is to help you get the best settlement from your insurance company, so call us at (267) 392-9907 or fill out the online form on our contact page if you need assistance with filing a claim, reviewing an old claim, or examining your current insurance policies.