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Avoid the stress of filing an insurance claim by working with a public insurance adjuster. By working with a Public adjuster in North Wales, PA, you only need to deal with your property damage repairs. The public adjuster advocates for you to your insurance company, so you can quickly obtain the money due you to cover your losses.

Public Adjusters in Horsham, PA

When you file an insurance claim, the insurance company sends its insurance claims adjuster to assess your property damage. Sometimes this claims adjuster works directly for the insurance company, but the company may also contract with independent adjusters.

This claims adjuster may not provide a fair and accurate valuation of your property damage because they may lowball the damage estimate to favor the insurance company. By hiring your public adjuster, you ensure that you obtain an adjuster who represents your best interests.

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Why hire a public claims adjuster? Because they work for your insurance company, most claims adjusters have an incentive to come up with a low offer. When you hire your public adjuster, they examine any offers made to you to ensure their fairness. Our public claims adjusters advocate for you. Consider these four pros of hiring a public adjuster:

  • We work for you instead of for the insurance company.
  • We review property damage to make sure nothing was missed.
  • We negotiate with the insurance company, so you don’t have to.
  • We ensure that you get a fair and accurate payout.

If you need a public adjuster in Warminster, PA, or Warrington, PA, call your local public adjuster, PB Adjusting. We serve Warrington, PA, and surrounding communities. Give us a call anytime you need public adjusters in Horsham, PA.

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    Common Problems with Insurance Company Adjuster Valuations

    The insurance company’s claims adjuster doesn’t typically want to fully value a filed claim because this hurts the company for which they work. Their claims adjuster may undervalue property damage, art, or furniture. Another technique they use includes the use of cheap building materials to create a lower settlement cost.

    Public adjuster in Warrington, PA

    How a Public Adjuster Helps Solve These Problems

    When you hire a public adjuster, they balance the scales, so you can see a fair and accurate repair estimate and adjustment. They do this by checking the insurance company’s adjuster’s work to find shortcuts, mistakes, and the inclusion of poor-quality materials. If it provides a less than accurate depiction of your repair estimate, your public adjuster lets you know this.

    Sometimes an insurance company’s adjuster offers a fair and accurate estimate. In this case, your public adjuster tells you that the settlement offers a fair amount, and you can accept it knowing you will obtain appropriate compensation.

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    Looking for a Public Adjuster in Horsham, PA or Warrington, PA?

    At PB Adjusting, we can provide a public adjuster who works for you in Warrington, PA, Warminster PA, or Horsham, PA. Our team has been providing public adjusting services in the area for more than 30 years and now we want to assist you with your insurance claim. We can handle negotiations with your insurance company, and we will always work hard to give you the best outcome.

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